I'm CEO LIZZZ, your favorite girl boss mentor! CEO to me means CONSTANTLY EVOLVING OVERTIME. I am a certified business consultant & I help aspiring girl bosses start their online business.


I also assist successful solopreneurs in further business development/assisting with everyday tasks.


During an interview with Voyage Atlanta, I was asked “What is “success” or “successful” for you?” …

“I would say I’m known for the continuous motivation I give to others on a daily basis and just being transparent. I’m not afraid to tell my story. I have created/help create platforms for other female entrepreneurs to tell their stories as well.

Suspreneurs is an online social club/FB group, which hosts over 100K women across the world! Arkansas Boss Babes is a platform I created to praise upcoming female entrepreneurs from Arkansas (my home state).

My overall goal is to pour into as many upcoming entrepreneurs as I can. I know how hard it can be to balance life, motherhood & business all at once.

I enjoy pushing people and giving them praise and support that a lot of us don’t get when starting out. I’m glad I can offer these type of platforms for just that.

We’re all in this together. It’s up to us, especially black female business owners, to help each other rise to the top. Why does the top have to be lonely when we can all go together?!

That’s success to me, having the desire for everyone around you to win. “


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As I learn the game, I feel it's only right to pass along my knowledge.